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[Meiplus Dental Care Singapore Coupon Review]

Korea is well known to carry a high standard of dental care, and in most clinics the technology and techniques used are of the most advanced standards to ensure a comfortable experience. As such, I was curious to find out for myself how a Korean dental clinic like Meiplus compares to local clinics here, having been someone who has mostly relied on local dentists, both in hospitals and private clinics for my dental treatments. 
I did a little research on the Meiplus team before my visit, and found out that the founder, Dr. Kang Min-sok is a graduate of the prestigious Columbia University in New York. On top of his long list of achievements, he is also part of the Korean team that translated the book “The Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers” by Dr. Galip Gurel. The two other doctors are Dr. Winson How, a Singaporean doctor with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the National University of Singapore and Dr. Lee Hyun-jin, a Korean doctor who graduated from the University of Otago.

For this particular visit, I was served by the warm and friendly Dr. Lee Hyun-jin. I also spoke to Dr. Kang on his thoughts and plans for his clinic and he struck me as a very down-to-earth and amicable person. He had absolutely no airs around him and was very kind and patient as to answer all the questions which I posed.
Of the two clinics available, namely at Far East Square, and Tanjong Pagar Plaza, I visited the one at level two of Tanjong Pagar Plaza, right opposite Amara Hotel.
The first thing that struck me about the clinic was how clean and spacious the place was.
The clinic stood out like a “sore thumb” due to the fact that most of the shops in the plaza were pretty old and unassuming. Meiplus Dentalcare however with its all white interior and spacious layout gave off a very welcoming feel and made me feel comfortable the moment I stepped into the clinic.

(The clinic is located at level 2 of Tanjong Pagar Plaza.)

(The 3 doctors available for consultation.)

(While waiting for my turn.)

I was greeted warmly by the lady at the front counter and proceeded to fill up a basic health questionnaire. Soon after, I went for a simple x-ray scan before proceeding to the treatment room.

(A short questionnaire form to fill up.)

(Quite a few treatment rooms for 3 doctors.)

(Where I received my x-ray scan before treatment.)

(The treatment room.)

I got a pleasant surprise upon entering the treatment room. The place was spacious, clean and bright. As somebody who is used to receiving my dental treatments in less new and smaller environments, I have to admit I felt comfortable straight away.

Dr. Lee and her assistant greeted me upon entering the room. After each taking our seats, she explained to me in detail the treatment that she is about to render and the duration which it will take. She gave me a mirror to hold while she flossed my teeth, at the same time very kindly going through the important steps in correct and thorough flossing. She then proceeded to perform scaling and polishing treatment for my teeth. It took about thirty minutes for me to complete the entire treatment. I remember asking her at the end of the treatment if the session was over, as the entire session was so painless and comfortable I was actually anticipating further treatment.

To my surprise, she said the session was over and asked if I feel I required further washing to clean away the medicine used. Everything felt good and clean and thus we concluded our session.

After the treatment session has ended, I went to have a chat with the head of Meiplus Dentalcare – Dr. Kang Min-sok. I remember him being full of smiles and was so patient in answering all my questions. He mentioned that he used to work at another clinic, before branching out on his own to start Meiplus Dentalcare. He talked a little about himself before showing me a book titled “The Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers”, but in Korean edition. The book describes the field of porcelain laminate veneers in aesthetics dentistry. He mentioned that he was part of the Korean team that translated this well-known book by Dr. Galip Gurel. He also shared with me his plans for Meiplus, and that he has plans in place to bring in technology and machinery that would make creating tooth crowns for patients in less than 24 hours possible. He intends to shorten the current waiting time of 1-2 weeks for patients receiving tooth crowning treatments to just a mere 24 hours! Coupled with the comparatively shorter time required for root canal treatment (2-4 sessions usually, depending on severity), a full root canal and tooth crowning treatment could possible require up to 5 visits in the near future. Considering that I had to go for 7 visits at a government hospital, I feel this would really benefit future patients.

According to Dr. Kang, Meiplus also specializes in cosmetic dentistry such as implants, teeth whitening, teeth alignment etc. As such, he mentioned that he had to bring in skilled doctors who specialize in these areas for this purpose. 

(Proudly showing me the book which he translated.)

(Dr. Kang’s certifications, proudly hung on the wall next to the counter.)

(Packets of dry and wet tissue complimentary from the clinic.)

(According to them, none of the other clinics in Singapore have this yet.)

Meiplus Dentalcare is running a limited time promotion for an all-in-one treatment session for scaling and polishing which also includes consultation and x-ray at only S$79 nett. A simple check around other clinics revealed that the same procedure would usually set you back by much more. 

(Do give them a call to book an appointment for this promotion.)

At the end of the visit, I have to admit I was thoroughly impressed by not only the looks and feel of the clinic, but by the warmth and professionalism shown by the entire Meiplus team. Koreans are well known for their mannerism and professionalism and today I got to experience the full scale of it myself. The Meiplus Dentalcare clinic that I visited is located at 7 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-103 Singapore 081007, and the other one is located at 32 Pekin Street #03-01 Far East Square Singapore 048762. For more information, you can also contact them at 6538 1400.