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of the first Korean Chicken restaurants in Singapore:


Kko Kko Nara is one of the pioneering restaurants in the Korean food invasion!

Their signature chicken is very reminiscent of the taste found at local Korean chicken shops.

Thick yet crispy batter and a savory fresh chicken flavor!

Plated to perfection! The herbs sprinkled on top also gives it a hint of flavor

The golden-brown color is mouthwatering!

The Fried Chicken is very crispy, it is easy to tell the oil used to fry it is clean.

The Yangnyum Chicken (Sweet and Sour sauce) was tangy,

and the peanuts sprinkled on top was a nice touch.



For spicy food lovers try the Spicy Chicken, it is definitely spicy enough to satisfy!


‘Budae Jjigae ( Army stew )’

Army stew is very well known outside of Korea now thanks to its representation in TV,

but the dish gets its name from quite a tragic story.

The dish was created after the cease fire on the Korean War.

Famished Koreans scavenged and smuggled ingredients like canned beans and spam to stew.

In the aftermath of war, many Koreans were struggling with poverty.

Army Stew is not only a tasty treat, but one that is ripe with history as well!




Stay cool in sunny Singapore with this spectacle, Watermelon Soju!

It’s a simple cocktail using fresh Soju (unflavored) and carved watermelon.

The natural sweetness of the Watermelon is much healthier than the heaps of sugar

in bottled flavored Soju, it’s a must try!