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What’s great about Korean nail art?
Nail art practitioners in Korea have completely different technique, allowing them to service customers faster, while making sure the beautiful nails last as long as possible.

(A cozy, aesthetic atmosphere to relax in while being serviced.)

De Do Korean nail art shop in Singapore, a solo operation, is now accepting reservations.
The shop is conveniently located in the Delfi Orchard mall. As the business is run solo, reservations are a must. In return, the service provided is more personalized and intimate.

(*Trendy styles suited for all generations, De Do offers a wide range)

Korean women stand by the techniques of nail treatments and art in Korea, as the service typically finishes within an hour. However, this doesn’t mean the nails will not last as long, as the methods like oil pen acrylic art make sure the nails last as long as possible, usually one month or longer.

 De Do offers highly customizable treatments and art, guaranteed to make your nails shine brighter than those around you! Do make a reservation and try for yourself.

 Her portfolio is simply beautiful, check out her works in the photos provided.