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Korean BBQ enthusiasts in Singapore have definitely heard of Superstar K, and it’s for good reason. Superstar K1, the franchise is a KBBQ staple in the Lion City.

Their staple side dishes is so abundant with many dishes to choose from!
A variety of pickled dishes, kimchi, mashed potatoes, noodles, and Korean ikan bilis are all available with compliments. 
Don’t get too full before the meat comes! 
The meat will be served with a super refreshing seasoned onion salad, the perfect companion for any BBQ cut.

Superstar of the restaurant, the meat is a cut above the rest. The Korean chefs and butchers are cut each serving just like a restaurant in Korea would. If you want authentic, Korean style meat, don’t look any further. Tender and juicy, the beef cuts are our recommendation!

If you would like to enjoy the Superstar K taste at home, they now have marinated servings of meat ready to cook at home! From $16, now only $9 nett it is the most convenient cheapest way to enjoy Korean barbecue.

Superstar K is known not just for their BBQ, but also their wide range of Korean menu items like stew, noodles, and chicken. Dishes like fried rice and bibimbap are also available for vegetarian patrons.
Have a feast meant for superstars at Superstar K, a great casual Korean dining space