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A hidden gem of Korean BBQ goodness in the middle of town:
Baekjong is here and bringing both quality and quantity.
Our Korean patrons have been raving about the restaurant in our Korean comments section,
so we must introduce it to our local patrons as well!
Even better, Baekjong is teaming up with VoucherSingapore to bring you
a promotion you cannot miss!

( Pork belly cut thick to show its quality )

( For those who dislike the fatty parts of the pork belly, this lean pork shoulder is for you )

( Pork belly tastes better when you grill it thick and cut while it's cooking! )

First and foremost, for a BBQ restaurant the quality of meat must be pristine.
Just look at the cut of the pork belly! So thick and juicy!
The quality of the meat is unbelievable for the price.
The most recommended selections by us and other Korean customers is the pork belly and marinated cuts, you cannot beat the quality for that price!

( a wide array of complimentary side dishes, including Korean ikan bilis )

The classic Korean BBQ side dishes are here as well!
We had the beanpaste stew and it was the perfect combination of hearty and savory flavors.
The broth for their stew is anchovy based so it gives an extra great taste. Along with the stew we had the Korean favorite, steamed egg! It was very soft and seasoned lightly, so it’s not salty but also not bland.

( Steamed egg is unlimited too! )

( What a full plate for only $19.99)

( not your normal beanpaste stew, it has sliced chili inside for an extra kick )

All the menu items listed above are part of the VoucherSingapore promotion that Baekjong is hosting! Get pork belly, your choice of stew, rice, and steamed egg all unlimited for $19! Use our coupon to eat as much bbq as you can!