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This is not your average Korean chicken restaurant!
Super Chicken offers chicken stock hotpot that will definitely leave you full and satisfied.
In Tanjong Pagar, next time you’re overwhelmed by the BBQ and fried chicken, 
give Super Chicken a try.
The interior is very Korean, even including the container stools that you can open to put your belongings inside.

After making an order, you are greeted with the usual wide array of Korean side dishes. It includes the popular steamed egg as a complimentary dish, which was a nice touch.


One whole chicken is the star of the menu and what is presented is just that, one whole chicken simmering in chicken stock broth. The soup is very savory, even without adding your own seasoning!

Stocky mushrooms along with the chicken continuously cooking inside provides a hearty taste that’s hard to find in regular chicken soup.



If you would like to kick up the broth, you’re welcome to do so by adding your own favorite toppings like kimchi, dumplings, and noodles. For spicy lovers there is the spicy chicken stew, it will definitely be a fiery treat for the daredevils out there.

After the chicken is finished, you can choose to add chopped vegetables, kimchi, and egg yolk to make a porridge out of the leftovers!

Porridge is a good way to get your carb fill and close out the meal.
To escape the sizzling sounds of Korean BBQ and fried chicken, try Super Chicken at Tanjong Pagar!!