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What could be a better way to relax with colleagues after work, or celebrate the holidays, 
than some fried chicken and beer by the riverside?
O Chicken and Beer is a perfect harmony of good food and festive atmosphere! 
Already beloved by Koreans as a post-work hangout spot, we would like to share the good vibes.



Introducing the main attraction first, O Chicken and Beer serves the usual favorites like fried, spicy, soy garlic, but their more unique flavors will surely leave an impression. Carbonara, sweet and spicy, chinese leek, are all unique delicious flavors that can’t be found elsewhere!

(Spicy and Fried-Chicken)
(Soya sauce Fried-Chicken)

(Carbonara Fried-chicken, sweet and creamy)

(Green onion chicken, sour and sweet)
as a chicken specialty restaurant, their chicken is very commendable. The batter is crispy and not too thick, and the chicken is noticeably fresh quality. For the marinated flavors, the sauce is slathered on so the flavor is there but doesn’t overpower the chicken.



Shifting the focus away from the chicken, O Chicken and Beer has a lot of great alternatives if you aren’t feeling chicken during your visit. 
Black bean sauce noodles (Jjajangmyeon) have a great taste wok scent kick
(the classic Korean pancakes are crispy and savory)


Various of Ramens are available too for those who want a noodle dish.




The tteokbokki comes with fried dumplings and seaweed rolls filled with glass noodles for extra crisp!



A thoughtful menu in which all the items go well with beer is the real reason you should come down to O Chicken and Beer to crack open a cold one.