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Here’s your chance to try North Korean style Barbecue!
KBBQ is already very well-known in Singapore.

Samgyupsal, Galbi, Bulgogi, are all familiar dishes.

But what about North Korean barbecue?

Most are shocked to hear it even exists! Ever since the Korean War,

the differences in North and South Korean cuisine just keeps growing.

If you’re a fan of Korean food, then you must give North Korean food a try!
Located in the delicacy food hub Geylang,

the shop looks like it has been serving customers for a long time.

The store boasts two menus, one for Korean cuisine and one for Chinese cuisine.
The Interior isn’t big, but certainly comfortable with some tables including sofa seats.

Since the restaurant is always abuzz with new customers a reservation is recommended.
The selling point of the restaurant is its variety of inexpensive and delightful dishes.

Here is a good list of items to try from their intimidatingly full menu.
When you make a Korean order, what appears first are two simple side dishes that you can choose.

For the Chinese menu, you get appetizers tailored to the Chinese dish that was ordered.

The cucumber salad shown below was very refreshing.
The large intestine is a wonderful and chewy dish.

BBQ People’s own special sauce is served for you to dip.

Many Koreans living in Singapore queue for this treat!
The special sauce will be unlike anything else you’ve tried.

It magically goes well with any barbecued foods.
The scrambled egg cooked next to the meat is a nice soft and savory addition.
The fire burns strong so that meat grilled retains its juiciness.

When the freshly cooked meat is combined with the special in-house sauce it is

a combo that you won’t forget.
The beef shortrib offers something different to South Korean Galbi.

At first glance the meat looks untouched, but it is actually marinated in a savory sauce.

Try it wrapped in a lettuce leaf for a surprising combination of fresh and savory flavor.
The Squid Salad is prepared using fresh vegetables, steamed squid,

all tossed together in a spicy yet refreshing sauce.

It’s one of the best selling dishes.
After Koreans eat barbecue, it is a custom to have refreshing Naengmyeon.

Naengmyeon is a cold soba style dish that is served

in a refreshing sour vinaigrette style broth.

The flavor and temperature gets rid of all the oiliness that you may feel after barbecue.

Those who have tried South Korean Naengmyeon are in for another

surprise as North Korean style offers a new experience.

The broth isn’t served as cold as the South Korean one and includes Kimchi and chili flakes.

As the spice takes over the remaining oily flavor on your tastebuds is washed away.
Pork gizzards spicy kick that is unmatched using Korean and Sichuan style chili peppers.

The spice takes over the heavy taste of the gizzard, and combined with the in-house

sauce the texture of the gizzard is the star of the show.

Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Pork is a great crispy treat that compliments beer.
A Korean BBQ restaurant is incomplete without Soju and Beer!
As mentioned previously, the prices are very fair.

(around 30% to 50% cheaper than KBBQ restaurants)

The price does not take away from the taste,

as its the first and very good North Korean BBQ option.

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