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A true veteran in Singapore’s Korean restaurant scene,
Chang Korean BBQ has been serving customers the highest quality charcoal BBQ
for over a decade.

Tucked into a cozy spot at Dempsey Hill, the Korean fine dining establishment is constantly rejuvenating the experience with new menu items.
Here is their latest executive lunch set.

The seasoned beef sashimi was fresh, 
and paired with the egg yolk and sea salt
it was a savory delight.
There is no unpleasant smell or texture at all thanks to its freshness,
it really is worth a try!

The lunch set appetizer included Korean BBQ classic, the spring onion pancake.
The one from Chang includes seafood: mussel, clam meat, and squid.
It made the take on the classic pancake feel more premium.

Fresh scallops with a creamy sesame sauce, this is a dish that isn't available at the average Korean restaurant.

 Baked black codfish with beanpaste dressing, the meat was so soft and had no fishy scent. 
A real testament to its quality and clean preparation.

BBQ on a charcoal grill gives an entirely new experience. 
The scent that charcoal gives to the meat is hard to replicate, and it is even more pungent because of the quality provided at Chang.

The marinated prime rib was the star of the show. 
While it may not look special when it is uncooked,once it goes on the charcoal grill you will be amazed! 
The marinade is made with ground up pears for natural, mild sweetness that focuses on the scent.

The cut is tender and cooks nicely. 
This dish something you have to try to appreciate, 
as the pear marinade and charcoal grill scent really make the difference.

Chang’s cold noodles are always a treat!
The noodles are firm and cooked to perfection.
If you prefer softer noodles you can always request the kitchen, they’ll be happy to help.
The cold noodle broth is super refreshing, the ultimate way to end a bbq meal.

The beanpaste stew was served in a stone pot and garnished with shepherd's purse plants, 
so it stayed hot the entire duration.
There so many ingredients inside, so the stew was very filling!
As the ingredients all simmer in the pot together, the taste gets more rich. 
If you would prefer to end the course with something hot, it’s a perfect pick.

Not included in the lunch set but one of Chang's signature dishes, the aged kimchi pork stew is full of filling ingredients like rice cakes and tofu. The taste of the aged kimchi is different from your regular kimchi stew!