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The true Korean karaoke exprience is here in Singapore! 

Introducing Hidden Singer, the first real family style Korean Karaoke in Singapore.
Different from your usual local
 KTVs, Hidden Singer offers private rooms for friends and family to jam out together
Located in Tanjong Pagar, Hidden Singer is the perfect place to gather for entertainment.

Hungry? Don’t worry they have you covered!
As soon as you enter, you’re greeted by the open bar counter area where the staff is waiting to greet you.
There they will be preparing drinks, both soft drinks and alcoholic, as well as
Korea’s favorite bar snacks.
Their menu includes snacks like 

Korean pan fried dumplings, sausages, and dried squid.
If you’re feeling hungrier than usual they also include Korean street food
like Tteokbokki to keep you feeling full while you’re singing.

Even the standard room is spacious enough to fit five people comfortably.
Bigger rooms that can fit 15 people comfortably are available upstairs.
Once inside, Korean karaoke favorites like a disco ball and tamborines are there to enhance the festivity.

Their KY Karaoke system is the number 1 Karaoke system from Korea,
with all the latest and greatest hits from Korea, US, China, Japan, and more!
If you require assistance navigating the machine, the friendly staff will be happy to help.
Romanized english lyrics are available for all your favorite K-hits, so don’t be shy!

Let out your inner Kpop star at Hidden Singer!
Using our VoucherKorea coupon, enjoy 50% off the karaoke room fee (not total bill)
during 12:00pm to 6:00pm every day.

Alternatively, use the same coupon when visiting after 6:00pm for 10% off the total bill.
Hidden Singer is closed on Monday afternoons, business as usual after 6:00pm