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On Kreta Ayer Road, a small distance away from the bustling 
Tanjong Pagar, is a hidden Korean eatery that hosts the delicacy gamjatang. 

Don Dae Bak is offering gamjatang for $30!
Gamjatang is a pork bone broth soup, similar to the well known hangover soup but includes more premium ingredients like Korean mountain leaves and potatoes (where it gets its name from).

Korean favorite side dishes are here, simple yet a great compliment to any meal.

It is hard to find gamjatang in Singapore because replacements for Korean ingredients is rare in
Southeast Asia. As the dish becomes more popular, more restaurants in Singapore have begun to import the ingredients.

The problem is the big price tag that comes with flying over the vegetables. Not to worry, Don Dae Bak’s $30 gamjatang will satisfy your cravings!

Dip the soft, tender meat into homemade mustard sauce for extra flavor!

The portion is enough to fill 3 to 4 people, if that’s too big then order the pork bone soup instead, it’s basically a smaller version with less ingredients! It is made using the same wholesome broth.
We highly recommend those who have yet to try gamjatang or pork born stew to try it at Don Dae Bak! It is the most affordable gamjatang in town, with a great taste to match.