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A master of Korean cuisine is in town! “Dalin”, meaning ‘master’ or ‘guru’, is a more traditional take on Korean food.

As you walk in you’re greeted by dim lights and a setting 
with a lot of historical settings. 
The murals on the wall are made to replicate old Korean houses belonging to commonfolk like farmers.


When seated, you’re greeted by basic Korean side dishes. The tray includes seasoned beansprouts, kimchi, radish kimchi, sweet anchovies, and fishcakes. The dishes tasted like homecooked food, and was a good way to warm up my taste buds.

For lunch, Dalin offers a soy crab lunch set, which is the heart of this review. The set includes a Korean favorite, soy crabs, a dish hard to find in Singapore. Included in the set is complimentary rice and beanpaste stew.

The crabs were so fresh! There was no fishy scent, and the meat was juicy. Koreans like to eat the meat and empty out the crabshell, mixing rice in with the soy sauce inside. What you get is a sweet and savory delight! Sauce made at Dalin was just right, not too salty.

Excellent soy crab is not the only thing Dalin offers, we still have the pork broth hangover stew left! The is filled to the brim with tofu and vegetables, making it very hearty and filling. It is easy to tell there is a broth that was premade and prepared for the soup, as it has a distinct aftertaste.

Dalin's tteokbokki is not the average tteokbokki. Including seafood,
the dish becomes fresh and has a lighter taste than normal.

A convenient part of Dalin's BBQ menu is they grill the meat for you inside, 
so the smell doesn't get on your clothes. 
This also means there's no pesky air filter taking up a lot of space in the middle of the table.

Try it for yourself at the master of Korean food, Dalin!