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WangDaeBak Pocha, quite a mouthful, basically means the best of the best pub.
It does give that impression the moment you walk in! The interior is beautifully reminiscent of Korean street pubs, with nods to older generations of shophouses in Korea.

The interior mimics old Korean street shops.
Once you’re inside, it’s easy to feel like you’ve flown all the way to Korea!
Glad to say, so does the food.

Some simple appetizers that come complimentary to your order.
They are refreshing quick bites.

First up was deliciously savory yet spicy Korean sausages,
served with a special sauce on a hotpan.
Inside you can also find chewy glass noodles, sauteed veggies, and fresh peppers.
Korean sausages are usually dipped in salt, but the change of flavor was surprising and welcome.

On to the main courses, first was a kimchi stew with pork belly, with cheese melting on the outside rim. A dish that only gets better the longer you wait, the kimchi and pork belly stew together to create a soup that is amazing!
For those that can’t handle the spicy level, have the meat with cheese on the outside!

Second main course was the marinated grilled pork belly with baby octopus.
The fresh chili, onion, and beansprout inside gave it a nice refreshing kick.
The pork belly when cooked was soft, and you can tell it was tenderized before being served.

The marination is spicy, and combined with the chili this dish is for the spicy lovers!
When done with the marinated pork belly, you can add on rice and cheese with the sauce to make a delicious fried rice.

Very thin and crispy potato pancake, perfect snack for beer and soju.
The soy sauce has extra kick with chili!

Every dish we had was a great pairing with somaek (beer and soju).

The portion was very generous, it will definitely leave you very full!
Complete with great food that goes very well with somaek, Wang Dae Bak Pocha is the place to go for Korean street style food and drinks.

We recommend calling to check availability, as they are usually quite packed.