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Serving up fresh meat at the best prices, Seoul Butchery is open for business! Near Beauty World MRT, the pristine interior is easy to spot.

Now you can enjoy Korean BBQ in your home!
Seoul Butchery, Singapore’s first premium Korean style butchery. Now in an even more accessible location, Seoul Butchery is already well known in the Korean community for their top grade meats and vegetables.


Seoul Butchery specialises in taking made-to-order requests depending on each customer’s liking. Customers may also choose to order online, with free delivery for purchases over $100.


Enjoy a wide arrange of Korea’s favorite cuts like beef prime short ribs, beef prime rib eye, Duroc pork belly, and Korean style pork cutlets to name just a few. Seoul Butchery is committed to bringing you the best quality at affordable prices.


What makes Korean BBQ so interesting is the variety of side dishes that are served. Enjoy the full experience thanks to Seoul Butchery, because they stock all your favorite side dishes too! Using the freshest vegetables available, buy dishes like kimchi, radish kimchi, and a variety of pickle dishes.

Korean BBQ essentials are also sold here, including the must have soju! Enjoy Korea’s favorite spirit for just $9.40! Other BBQ essential items are the likes of dipping sauces, sesame oil, and marinating sauce. Find most of your Korean grocery needs right here!



If you’re a fan of Korean snacks, Seoul Butchery carries loads of Korea-import only frozen goods. Including the likes of frozen Korean giant dumplings, ho-ddeok (cinnamon pancakes), tteokbokki rice cakes, and various frozen Korean seafood. It will be hard to find these items anywhere else.


 (Variety of frozen dumplings) 

             (Cinnamon pancakes, meatball pancakes, Korean hot dog sausage)

(Chewy spicy noodle, rice cake soup, jjajangmyeon, variety of udon noodles, tteokbokki)
(variety of Korean seafood pickle)
(variety of Korean frozen seafood)
(Dried foods used for ingredients, or snacks)

If you let the staff know how you would like the meat to taste, they can cut the meat and advise you on the cooking method appropriately.


What are you waiting for? If you love Korean BBQ but think that it has to be expensive to taste good, try it for yourself with the help of Seoul Butchery!

online shop: www.korea.com.sg/shop/