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You haven’t tried real tteokbokki until you’ve tried Red Holic!

Singapore is home to many Korean restaurants now, all of which sell the famous spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki).

However, this is the first tteokbokki specialty restaurant, where they pride themselves

on the spiciest and chewiest of rice cakes!

You definitely have to try their standard of tteokbokki if you’re a fan of the popular Korean dish.


The entrance has a distinct Korean street food styling.

Coupled with the style, what welcomes you is the window showcasing

their fresh homemade dumplings.

In these regards, it is very much a tribute to Korean street food culture.

The dumpling skin is super chewy, and it’s filled to the brim with ingredients.

For those who haven’t tried homemade Korean dumplings, this is a great start.

The two types, minced pork dumplings and kimchi dumplings.

Careful, the kimchi dumplings can be quite spicy!
Red Holic offers a huge variety of tteokbokki choices.

Original, black bean sauce (jjajang), carbonara, to name a few.

For the original flavor, you can also choose your spice level.
Also, you can choose to add extra toppings to your tteokbokki.

We recommend the beef brisket option.

As soon as your order, the lovely Korean owner will begin cooking right away.

Since you can see the whole process from your table, it gives another

layer of satisfaction and quality.

What makes Red Holics tteokbokki stand out is that the ingredients are cooked right in front of you!

This gives it a more gourmet feel than just regular street tteokbokki would.

As for the crispy deep fried ingredients, Koreans prefer to take it out of the pot and dip it in the sauce

instead to keep it crispy.

Red Holic carries your favorite Korean alcohol as well, making it the perfect

hangout for a casual drink.

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