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Redholic is known for their rich and flavorful Korean street food. Not only is their menu items tasty, but many of them are unique to them! The hot street food sensation is back with some new menu items, and we can’t wait for you to try them. Bringing in some more Korean and western inspired dishes, their hot new items can’t be missed!

The latest addition to their tteokbokki lineup is the rosé set. It is inspired by the more pleasant and light rosé beer. Ingredients are plentiful, as always, and their new sauce has a creamier taste. Rosé set includes crispy chicken and pan fried dumplings to add a nice crunch. The added spring onions make sure that the soup doesn’t become too heavy and oily. Of course, their signature handmade rice cakes are chewy as always!

What is new is the rosé set includes a serving of Korean pork cutlet on rice. Korean style “tonkatsu” is different from Japanese because of the sauce and serving method. Redholic stays true to its Korean roots and makes a very nostalgic Korean pork cutlet sauce that is savory and rich.

Can’t call the set a rosé set without including the sought after Hoegaarden Rosé! Fruity yet hearty, the refreshing beer adds a very nice touch to the sets palette.

Another one of their newest creations is the cheese garlic fries. Redholic can sure deliver a nice crisp to their fried foods, and their french fries are no exception. Super crunchy, and those who have tried their garlic sauce will know how much it enhances any dish. With the cheese added on top, it really is an explosion of flavor and texture!

Redholic won’t stop giving us reasons to visit! Their new menu items are really a must try, and with VoucherKorea’s discounts there is really no excuse. Go fill your tummy with their yummy new menu.