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In the growingly more competitive KBBQ market, The Gogijib (previously Jangeo Nara) offers a fresh take with their rebranding. What can they offer in the vast sea of Korean BBQ restaurants in Singapore?

You get your answer when you step into the store, as bright but warm lights greet you. The brighter lighting makes the restaurant have a friendly intimacy, a welcome contrast to the usually dimly lit BBQ restaurants.

What greets you along with the friendly ambience is the non-antibiotic certified and food safety certificates awarded by Korean food safety organisations. A rare sight in Singapore, you know this restaurant is serious about their food standards!

The pork collar came with an additional grilled vegetables platter, both plated very nicely. Collar can usually be quite dry and chewy, but the meat at The Gogijib did not disappoint. Even the collar meat stayed juicy (thanks to their good ventilation system) and tender.

Next on the menu was the beef large intestine. An exotic dish for sure, but one that many Koreans consider a barbecue staple. To enjoy intestine, it has to be chewy and odorless. Thankfully, The Gogijib treated me to some of the freshest intestine! The texture was great, and there was no odor.

It's not KBBQ without the side dishes! They weren't wasteful and gave exactly what you need to enjoy your barbecue. Mainly pickled dishes and kimchi variants are available to compliment your BBQ meal.

All in all a very solid and moderately priced KBBQ experience! For the best deals at The Gogijib, stayed tuned to VoucherKorea for our coupons.