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Get your fix of Korean beauty at Miss Korea


The giant K-wave is still going strong in Singapore thanks to the flashy and glamorous K-pop.

The Korean beauty standard is settling down in Singapore, with everyone wanting

the same hair and makeup as their favorite idols.


Miss Korea is located in Singapore’s own Koreatown, Tanjong Pagar.

The Korean stylist will make sure you leave with the trendiest Korean style cuts.



The shop itself is not very big, but that compliments the cozy and comfortable setting.




Miss Korea is a two in one treat, doing both hair and nails.

It’s perfect for pampering after a long day.



But wait, there’s more! They even do lashes!

It is the first Korean beauty salon in Singapore to do lash treatment

Just a simple eyelash treatment can revitalize your entire face by making your eyes naturally

draw more attention.


You can see the big difference in this before and after.

The extensions do a great job of highlighting her eyes.




A three in one solution for your K-beauty needs, check out Miss Korea

at a special price using our discount coupon below!