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The most accessible way to eat hot pot is now the hottest food trend. Conveyor belt hot pot restaurants are everywhere, but good things come to those who wait. Pot Yummy Yummy is a shining example of good customer service start to finish.

The prices are great compared to the quality, and you can tell that the restaurant takes no shortcuts when it comes to their food.

Design of the interior was all fun and a joy to dine inside. Pop art was hung up everywhere, and were all culturally significant catering to a younger audience.

Two wide sauce stations were clean and nicely laid out for customers to indulge in. Pot Yummy Yummy has all the essentials for a great hot pot sauce. So many different combos to try, but try not to waste the ingredients!

Back at the table the meat was being served already. Service is fast, a key aspect of customer service, and Pot Yummy Yummy standards are up there.

There was such a huge variety it was hard to keep track of what we were eating! Pork belly, lean pork, beef, chicken, prawn, meatballs, fish, all the hotpot essentials are here and unlimited.

Last but not least, the signature item to Pot Yummy Yummy is their specially marinated beef and chicken. Both items have an explosion of flavor that compliments the soup despite all the different spices.

Pot Yummy Yummy takes the conveyor belt hot pot style and refined it. It is still a young business model, but this establishment took what makes conveyor belt hot pot good and makes them great.