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There are so many options to try Korean food in Singapore, but what about Korean delicacies in a more traditional setting? Introducing Todamgol, a heartwarming dynastic experience!


On arrival, the environment feels like walking into the Goryeo dynasty. The exterior and interior and modelled after traditional Korean houses called “Hanok”.

Check out six dishes in more detail below!


First up is the famous Spicy Rice Cakes(Tteokbokki)

A more abundant take on the traditional turned modern dish, Todamgol’s Tteokbokki was flowing with extra sauce, fish cakes, noodles, and an egg to top it off. With the bigger size and contents also comes a bigger price tag at $30.

Next up, Sea Snail Salad(Golbaengi Muchim)

This is a more traditional, lesser-known dish. This salad mixes in Sea Snails, a peculiar delicacy ingredient found in Korean cuisine known for it’s chewy texture. The seasoning gets rid of any unwanted fishy smell!

Korean Rice Wine(Makgeolli)

An alcoholic drink enjoyed by Koreans for thousands of years! Its slightly sweet and tangy flavor is very rich and will leave you wanting to pour more. When fermented, the grains used to brew Makgeolli becomes rich with lactic acid bacteria reducing risk of cancer and high cholesterol
Todamgol's Makgeolli does not contain any antiseptic chemicals in the brewing process. There is a variety of Makgeolli to choose from, all containing lactic acid bacteria to help the digestion of all the delicious food.


Korean Pancakes(Jeon)

Todamgol is rich with different types of Jeon! Vegetables are mixed with doughy batter and pan-fried to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The Green Onion Jeon is great with a glass of Makgeolli.

(Below The green onion Jeon)


Steamed Pork(Bossam)

For all the meat-lovers, this soft steamed pork is guaranteed to satisfy. Koreans prefer to wrap the meat in a lettuce leaf with rice, Kimchi, and bean paste sauce (Ssamjang). Korean cuisine largely consists of vegetables, meat dishes can also be enjoyed in a healthier way. It’s a great tasting combination, a dish enjoyed by Koreans of all ages.

Pork Sausage(Soon-dae)

A Korean take on sausages, filling pig intestine with vermicelli and vegetables. Don’t let the description scare you away, the savory taste is one of a kind. Often enjoyed in combination with Tteokbokki!

Todamgol is located in the heart of the Korean food district, Tanjong Pagar.

(The menu is incredibly diverse, including modern dishes like Cheesy Barbecue Chicken (Cheese Dakgalbi) and more traditional Korean delicacies like Acorn Jello (Dotori Muk)).