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Must-go place for visitors to Seoul during Autumn

Aptly named Haneul Gongwon, which in Korean means 'sky park', Haneul Park is a grassland park that was transformed from what was once a landfill. Over here at Haneul Park, visitors are treated to a spectacular view of Seoul and the Han River from a vantage point. With the Bukhansan Mountain to the north, Namsan Mountain and Seoul's once tallest building, 63 Building to the east as well as the Han River to the south, it definitely makes for one of the must-go places for visitors to Seoul.

Besides, the enormous Eulalia grass field in the middle of the park provides a dreamy and beautiful photoshoot location. With the grass swaying together with the wind and the clear blue skies as the background, it is no wonder many newlyweds can be spotted having their wedding photographs taken here! We recommend coming here during to sunset to catch the gorgeous dusk lights, giving your pictures that dreamy golden hue!

Overlooking Seoul and Hangang River from atop Haneul Park.

The entrance to Haneul Park. Notice the flight of stairs at the back, that is how you get up the hill.

Koreans love their treks, regardless of age.

The gorgeous view atop Haneul Park.

The park was in fact a landfill some 20 years ago, but the Seoul government decided to turn it into an ecological park, and look at the success it is now. It is now a popular picnic destination for Korean families and couples on weekends, as well as photoshoot location for many tourists. Come down and have a picnic here when the weather is nice and comfortable, and you will understand why this place was named Haneul(sky) Park. 

People resting and enjoying their picnics.

Almost like a scene out of a photobook.
Take a slow stroll along the eulalia-lined paths and immerse yourself in the beauty of it all. The eulalia goes as far as the eyes can see, and many idols were known to have their pictorials taken here. Not hard to see why, right?

The 'observation deck' in the middle of the eulalia grass field.

The view atop the observation deck.

How to get to Haneul Park:

Getting there is less straightforward than other places. First, take the subway to World Cup Stadium Station on Line 6. From Exit 2, you have to head westward for about 800m, skirting around the Seoul World Cup Stadium and you should see the hill in the distant. There is a overhead bridge linking to the hill, and once you reach the foot of the hill you can begin your ascend up the flight of stairs to the 'sky park'. 

Address: 95, Haneulgongwon-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Subway: World Cup Stadium Station, Line 6, Exit 2
Opening Hours: NA
Website: http://worldcuppark.seoul.go.kr
Contact Number: +82 2-1330 (Korea Travel Phone)
Email: NA

See you at Haneul Park!
Haneul Park is one of our all-time favourite spots in Seoul! It is simply too beautiful, especially during spring and autumn where the skies are blue and the flowers bloom. Many tourists who have been here have only good words to say about this place! We are sure you’re going to enjoy Haneul Park when you are here as well!