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Kopitiam Café at Edae

Would anyone like to try Singapore coffee here in Korea?

It doesn’t sound like that bad an idea when we thought we could check out how Koreans interpret Singapore café culture and how their people take to our taste in coffee. Besides the traditional coffee and tea options served in a Singapore style ceramic cup, they also offer kaya toast among other pastry options.

The café is a lot more comfortable than many of the other cafes that we have been too. Feeling at home could be one factor but we certainly thought they simply did a good job with the interior design! There are 2 levels in this café. The first floor consists of regular tables with a separate section for quiet study, as well as a enclosed area for the smokers. Not many cafes in Korea would go to this extent!

The top floor consists of mostly big and spacious study areas, usually occupied by students of the nearby Ewha Womans’ University. There are even bunker-style study areas which students happily utilize during their study sessions, as seen by some sleeping students during our visit there.

A cup of milk coffee should set you back by about 5,000KRW ~ 6,000KRW, expensive by our standards but perfectly reasonable in Korea. Besides, we felt that the café atmosphere far surpasses many other cafes we have been to. Definitely a good place for study sessions!

On top of the regular pastry options such as cakes and croissants, Kopitiam serves also the much sought after kaya toast set. The bread is crispy and kaya is sourced from Singapore. We are not sure about the butter but they definitely tasted authentic enough. Good enough for those craving traditional Singapore breakfast in a faraway land!

How to get there:

Kopitiam is located along the main street of Edae, the street leading all the way to the front gate of Ewha Womans’ University, and right outside Exit 4 of Edae Station on Line 2. After exiting the station, cross the road and walk for about 10m till you see the sign below.

Address: 54-24 Daehyeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Subway: Edae Station, Line 2, Exit 3
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm
Website: NA
Contact Number: +82 392-8585
Email: NA