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Naan Indian Cuisine Restaurant (Halal Restaurant)

Naan Indian Cuisine Restaurant is a halal restaurant located at Sinchon. They specialise in halal Indian food such as naan, tandoori, masala, korma and curry. They have both chicken and lamb dishes, with a wide variety of curry and masala dishes to choose from. The owner is an extremely friendly Indian lady who proudly explained to us the ingredients that she uses in her dishes.

The restaurant is comfortable, thought not exactly as big as other Korean restaurants here in Sinchon. A TV hung on the screen plays Indian music videos on loop and the side near the window is filled with accessories and decorations brought from the owner’s home.

We liked how the owner put in so much effort to decorate the walls as well as the area next to the window. It somehow made the whole place feel very warm and cosy! Like any typical Indian restaurant!

The restaurant has also been certified by the Seoul Tourism Association, as a halal restaurant that caters to the Muslim tour groups, or the Muslim exchange students that study in the many universities nearby.

Besides serving Indian cuisine, diners can also purchase curry powder, turmeric power, tandoori chicken/biryani mixes etc, which are not that easy to find in Korea. We heard they are very popular among the Muslim student community!

They are set meals that offer quite a bit of food for a fairly reasonable price by Korean standards. For example, 29,000KRW gets you half a tandoori chicken, a choice of chicken, lamb or vegetable curry, soup, salad, rice as well as drinks.

We were surprised when the side dishes that came included unfermented kimchi! There were also radishes, pickles, green pepper and a Indian rice cake among the side dishes.

Having had so much Korean food in Korea, we were really craving for some homely dishes. We all know how much Singaporeans love Indian cuisine, and Naan Indian Cuisine Restaurant certainly did not disappoint. Besides, it is conveniently located at Sinchon, a popular shopping and entertainment district close to universities such as Yonsei University, Ewha Womans’ University, Sogang University and Hongik University.

How to get there:

From Exit 2 of Sinchon Station on Line 2, walk straight for about 200m until you see the huge Changcheon church on the right, just before the main road intersection. Once you see the church, turn right before the church and follow the stretch of road for less than 50m and you should see Naan Indian Cuisine Restaurant on your left. The restaurant is located on the second floor.

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal here at Naan Indian Cuisine Restaurant, and it certainly helped to cure our craving for some homely food. The owner is tremendously friendly and wastes no time in making you feel at home. The next time you are in Sinchon, do come and try out their wide variety of Indian cuisine!