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Siloam Jjimjilbang

Jjimjilbang is a large, Korean style sauna and bathhouse concept, and is a much-enjoyed activity among many Koreans, old or young. The word jjimjil refers to heating in Korean. At a jjimjilbang, you can expect to usually find a gender-segregated public bathhouse as well as unisex Korean traditional kilm saunas, each with different temperatures and healing properties. Besides the sauna rooms, there are also various other entertainment and relaxation amenities such as a gym, table tennis room, television room, computer room, arcade room, restaurants and even sleeping rooms that are open 24 hours a day! In fact, it is a well-known fact that many Koreans come to the jjimjilbangs to spend a night at after relaxing at the saunas and hot tub facilities! In the bathing area, you can usually find different kinds of kiln saunas with different themes such as jade kiln, mineral kiln, salt kiln at different temperatures.

One of the highly recommended and easily accessible jjimjilbangs in Seoul is Siloam Jjimjilbang, located within walking distance of Seoul Station! Entrance is 10,000KRW per person, and you are free to enjoy all the facilities in the entire building that consists of 5 floors!

After entering the changing room, keep your shoes in one of the many shoe lockers provided, and exchange the ticket and shoe locker key with a closet key at the main booth. Proceed to change into your jjimjilbang clothes.

After changing into the provided gown, men and women can meet up on the second floor. Here at Siloam Jjimjilbang, you can find a spacious resting area as well as a Korean restaurant, a hair salon and even a pedicure and manicure booth!

On the third floor is where most of the action takes place. Here, there are plenty of sauna rooms, each at a different temperature and boasting varying health properties. Their temperatures can range from the cooling 20 odd degree celsius oxygen room to the 86 degree celsius sauna room. Children are not permitted to enter the 86 degree celsius room for safety reasons.

Feel free to lie down and rest inside the sauna rooms. It is actually pretty comfortable to rest in the 50 or even 60 degree celsius rooms. Let the heat do its work of relaxing your aching muscles.

The kind of room, the temperature as well as its healing properties are labeled outside the room, usually in languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese, on top of Korean. Some of the more common rooms include salt room, jade room, loess room, oxygen room and even ice rooms. We recommend spending about at least 20-30 minutes inside a room of your choice to allow your body to properly sweat it out.

There are also free mini locker rooms located outside the sauna rooms for you to keep your personal belongings, especially handphones should you wish to enter the high-temperature sauna rooms.

After trying out the various sauna rooms as well as cleaning yourself at the hot tubs, if you have time to spare you can even go to sleeping rooms like these to rest for the night! However do remember to observe silence here so as not to disturb other people who are sleeping!

If you are hungry or thirsty, feel free to check out the restaurant or the snack bar located in the premise. Some popular drinks include ‘sikhye’, a Korean sweet rice wine beverage served with rice at the bottom of the bottle, as well as plum or fruit juices. Sikhye is indeed refreshing and is commonly enjoyed by Koreans during summer. There are also other snacks such sandwiches, hard boiled eggs and instant noodles if you would like something light!

How to get to Siloam Jjimjilbang:

From Exit 1 of Seoul Station on Line 1/4, head straight out to the main road. Turn right, walk along the main road until you reach a major road intersection. Cross the road, follow the road inwards until the first intersection, turn right and you should see Siloam Jjimjilbang.

Jjimjilbang is an inexpensive and family-friendly activity. Regardless of your age, you would surely enjoy the many entertainment and relaxation amenities provided to you at a jjimjilbang premise. Boasting all the various health benefits, it is no wonder jjimjilbangs are a tremendous hit with Koreans, especially during cold seasons when people do not get to sweat as much. To experience a true Korean activity, you have to be sure to visit a jjimjilbang during your visit here! For more information, you can check out www.voucherkorea.com!