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Top 10 Things To Buy In A Korean Supermarket

Everyone loves Korean snacks, from the traditional favourite chocopies to the latest craze – honey butter chips and nuts, there are so many things to choose from in a Korean supermart, we often see tourists lugging huge boxes crammed full of snacks out of the supermarts. In fact, there is a dedicated EMS postage service booth right inside the supermart for customers who would like to post their purchases back home instead.

With that many selections to choose from, what should we buy and try the next time we visit a Korean supermart? We speak to Korean youngsters and these are the top 10 must-trys that they have recommended to us!

  1. Maxim White Gold Instant Coffee Mix

    Koreans love their coffee. Maxim is such a popular brand, it is almost impossible to find a household in Korea that does not have the brand in their kitchen. Its flavour is slightly different from what we are used to in Singapore. It is less sweet but packs a strong coffee aroma. Highly recommended!


  2. Market O Real Brownie

    This thing is a huge hit in recent times. Ask a Korean youngster and chances are he/she would have tried this delicious brownie snack before. The brownies are deliciously made, with a smooth and creamy chocolate taste. It is not too sweet either, and makes for a perfect aftermeal snack.


  3. Honey Butter Almond

    (Comes in walnut/mixed nuts variations as well)
    Who can forget the honey butter craze that swept Korea for most parts of the past 2 years. For a period of time, every snack maker and restaurant was rushing out honey butter related items to cater to this phenomenal craze. Honey butter chips were sold out as soon as they reach retailers and people were reselling them for two to three times their normal price online. Alongside Calbee’s famous honey butter chips, the honey butter series of nuts such as almonds, walnuts and mixed nuts are a definite must-try and must-buy here in Korea. Creamy butter with sweet honey on crunchy nuts, perfect combination indeed.


  4. Bingeurae Banana Milk

    This thing needs no further introduction. Long the number one selling item at convenience stores located at Incheon International Airport, their selling power has been well documented. People love this drink for its strong and flavourful taste at a low price. Get the 6-pack option to save even more. It comes also in new flavours such as strawberry, coffee, melon and a less sweet banana option.


  5. Jin Jjambbong

    Jjambbong is a spicy noodle dish often served with seafood. The noodles are a lot more tangy and chewy as compared to typical Korean ramyeon noodles. Jin Jjambbong is one of the best selling instant jjambong brands around.


  6. ‘Mongshwell’ Chocolate Cream Cake

    Very much like chocopie, but tastier according to most Koreans. It packs more cream and a more flavourful chocolate coating. You have to try this for yourself!


  7. Lotte ‘Chal-tteok’ Glutinous Rice Pies

    Similar to the chocopies, but made of glutinous rice instead. There is even red bean paste on the inside of the pie. Very delicious and one of our personal favourites!


  8. Lotte Throat Candy

    After all the eating and shouting on your trip, maybe your throat may feel a little uncomfortable. Our go-to throat candy whenever we need something to soothe our throats. They come in small handy packagings as well but we recommend getting the bigger ones if you intend to bring them back!


  9. Fruit Concentrate

    These home-made style fruit concentrate can be mixed in warm or ice water to be drunk. They contain natural ingredients and make for the perfect morning drink or when you are not feeling well. Comes in flavours such as orange, grapefruit, ginger etc.


  10. Kimchi

    Last but not least, who can forget buying authentic kimchi home? Plenty of tourists come to these supermarts to buy kimchi home. The staff will kindly help you wrap them up in multiple seals to prevent leakage as well as the smell from spreading out. You can even try the various kinds of kimchi before you buy!


Here you go, our top 10 items to buy when visiting a Korean supermart. Of course everyone’s snack preferences may vary but we have personally tried them and could not help but buy them back ourselves! For more information on what to see, do and buy in Korea you can always visit www.voucherkorea.com for more information!