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Unlimited Korea Data SIM Card

How does unlimited yet affordable 4G internet for travels in Korea sound to you? Instead of carrying around an extra portable wifi router which requires constant charging of the battery, not to mention having one additional gadget to look after, utilize the convenience of an unlimited data SIM card in your own phone and upload all those travel pictures onto your social media accounts as and when you like! The SIM card works across the whole of South Korea including the resort island of Jeju-do.

Purchasing and installing the data SIM card is actually a very simple process. Here is what you have to do. First, you will have to create an account on www.voucherkorea.com. You can also choose to log in using your Facebook account. Once done, head to the first page and click on the SIM card link under ‘Shop’.

Click on the Korea Unlimited Data SIM and you will be brought to the application page.

Complete the information required as you would do on most shopping sites. Make sure that the email address you have entered is correct as the confirmation slip will be sent to the address. You need to have a copy of the confirmation slip to exchange for the SIM card when you arrive in Korea.
You will be brought to the payment page, which is a typical credit card payment page just like most other merchant sites. Complete the payment and you should receive the order confirmation in your email. 

You will receive an order confirmation in your email like the one shown above. Click on the link to download the e-ticket. You need this e-ticket to redeem your SIM card over the counter in Korea. You can use either a printed copy of the e-ticket or a screenshot of it when collecting your SIM card.

It takes only 3 steps to complete your SIM card purchase. Completion of purchase details, payment, and e-ticket download. Once you have arrived in Korea, it’s time to redeem your SIM card!
There are various pick-up counters throughout Korea where you can redeem your SIM card, and if you are arriving anytime between 6am to 10pm, the best place to pick up your SIM card is at Incheon Airport arrival hall door 10. After you have cleared immigration, head towards exit door 10 of the arrival hall. Here you should see the KT booth where you can rent a phone, purchase a SIM card or redeem a SIM card which you have ordered online.

(Look for door 10 at the arrival hall.)

(Look for door 10 at the arrival hall.)

Look for the service assistant to let him/her know that you are here to pick up your pre-ordered SIM card. Wait for your queue number to be called and simply furnish your passport and your e-ticket (printed or digital does not matter) to redeem your SIM card. The staff will even help you to get everything up and running on your phone and that’s it, you are all set to enjoy unlimited and fast internet throughout your stay in Korea!

Different types of SIM cards:
1. 5 days – USD$21
2. 10 days – USD$30
3. 30 days – USD$54
Other venues where you can collect your SIM card:
1. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Door 10 (0600 ~ 2200)
2. Incheon Airport Arrival Hall Door 6 (2200 ~ 0600)
3. Gimpo Airport Arrival Hall Door 6 (0700 ~ 2300)
4. Busan Gimhae Airport Arrival Hall Door 3 (0600 ~ 2200)
5. Jeju Airport Arrival Hall Door 5 (0900 ~ 1900)
6. Link Korea Office (Hongik, Seoul) (0900 ~ 1800)

(If you need a different sized SIM card, please make it known during the purchasing stage.)

The purchasing and collection steps for the KT data SIM card were simple to understand and execute. We had no problems whatsoever with using the SIM card in Korea. You get fast, 4G internet with no limitations on the number of other devices which you can share your personal hotspot with. For more information regarding the unlimited data SIM card, or for pictures to help you locate the location of the various pick-up areas, head to www.voucherkorea.com!