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Lotte World Adventure

2016.11.01 ~ 2017.12.31
This Coupon is only for Foreigners.
This coupon is only applied to 1-day special pass.
Please present the coupon at the ticket booth.
This coupon cannot be used together with other promotion events.
Groups accompanied by guide can not use this coupon.
One coupon per 4 customers.

1-day special pass includes admission to both Adventure and Magic Island plus access to all rides and admission to Folk Museum (before 7:00pm).
30% Discount Coupon
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First Domestic Theme Park
The Largest Indoor Theme Park in the World

Lotte World opened on July 12, 1989, starting the era of full-scale theme parks in Korea. It was registered in the Guinness World Records as the largest indoor theme park in the world on 1995. Moreover, it is regarded as one of the world’s best theme parks along with Disneyland in the US and Japan (one of the world’s TOP 10 theme parks selected by Forbes Magazine). It is visited by over 8 million customers on the average in a year, and the number of total visitors since its opening in July 1989 passed the 90 million mark. Foreign visitors account for 10% of the total visitors, and this shows that Lotte World is now one of the world-renowned tourist attractions in Korea as well as a favorite theme park among Koreans.

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Lotte World is a large-scale Complex Life Town (CLT) where department store, hotel, duty-free shop, and large discount store are all located at a single site, in addition to theme park. Moreover, Lotte World is the perfect place where you can enjoy everything (sightseeing, leisure, shopping, culture, and even sports) in one place.



It is a place full of dreams and adventures with Magic Castle as the center and where the scenery of medieval European village creates a romantic atmosphere. It houses various attractions perfect for dating, including large-scale thrilling play facilities such as “Gyro Drop,” “Gyro Swing,” “Atlantis,” etc. In Magic Island, which features Young Zone, you can enjoy colorful festivals and events such as “Cherry Blossom Festival,” which inspires a romantic atmosphere around the lake.

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As the largest indoor theme park in the world, Adventure was established with the theme “Small World.” It will bring new pleasure to customers whenever they visit with various playing facilities where they can enjoy electrifying thrill until 11 PM at night, 365 days a year, regardless of weather, with spectacular shows and festivals over 70 times a day. In addition, various character products with Lotty and Lorry as the main characters and food & beverage service will make you have an even more memorable time during your stay at the Adventure.



The Folk Museum of Lotte World is a breathing cultural space where you can pleasantly understand and view five millennia of history and traditional culture. Unlike existing museums where the arrange-type exhibition concept is applied, it helps all local and foreign people without special knowledge understand Korean culture with fun and ease by applying various exhibition techniques, such as diorama direction, miniature model, restored remains, etc. You can experience fun and excitement unique to Korean people through the permanent theater where you can watch traditional Korean percussion quartet (samulnori), mask dance (talchum), traditional Korean outdoor performances (madangnori), etc., and a traditional marketplace where you can savor the loud, noisy atmosphere.

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The largest ice rink in Korea is contributing to wholesome, healthy leisure life for Koreans. You can enjoy healthy sports with family, friends, or lovers and make happy memories amid the beautiful lighting and various entertainment facilities.

30% Discount Coupon

Valid Until : 2017.01.01 ~ 2017.12.31

* This coupon is only applied to 1-day special pass.
* Please present the coupon at the ticket booth
* This coupon cannot be used together with other promotion events.
* Groups accompanied by guide can not use this coupon.
* One coupon per 4 customers.

Address : Hotel Lotte & Lotte World, 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
Operation hours : Mon.~Thur. 9:30~22:00, Fri.~Sun. 9:30~23:00
Direction : Subway Green Line, Line No.2 , Jam-sil Station Gate No.4
Tel. +82-2-1661-2000
Website: http://www.lotteworld.com/

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